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     Born in Tucson, AZ, Darlene Deffes was born 2nd and grew up as a middle child. Darlene loved the "what if" game, which she initiated so often it eventually became banned from the household. She was and is very interested in everything artsy, crafty and has endless curiosity. Later in life she became determined to learn or try everything she was curious about, the list seems to never end. You can read more about these interests on her blog. 

     Darlene has been a working artist since 2008 exhibiting her artwork at markets and fairs immensely enjoying the connections made through art. However, during the years of exhibiting, she found herself challenged by obsessive compulsive disorder and PTSD of which she wasn't fully aware of until it reached an all time high resulting in a break from exhibiting art and other activities. Through trauma therapy she discovered the struggle was born of many contributing factors, mainly resurfacing trauma, stress, OCD, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Talking about her troubles created bonds with people that may not have happened without the history she has had. This experience taught her to talk about the journey in order to heal. You have to feel to heal. Today, she focuses her artistic talents on creating healing journey artwork for herself as well as others. For more information, visit her Commissions page.


Who am I?

My Human Relatable Qualities

Life is interesting. It is a journey, it really is.

I have OCD, emetophobia, pseudo dysphagia, anorexia (not nervosa) via Avoidant/restrictive Food Intake Disorder, PTSD, C-PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Sounds overwhelming doesn't it? Fortunately I have a great support system of professionals as well as family, friends, ACoA and my loving husband. 

I am sharing these things because as I learn about myself on a deeper level and meeting my true self for the first time ever... I find myself growing not only personally but also creatively. 

With Exposure Therapy I face many phobias and I am healing one day at a time... sometimes one millisecond at a time.

I know I am not the only one with these "ailments" or as I prefer to call them "scar skills". I use these experiences for strength, creativity and connections. 


Decluttering and organizing has given me self-confidence. Facing my history with phobias, PTSD, an eating disorder, OCD, anxiety and depression has made me stronger than I give myself credit for. My vision is to be part of a movement

where decluttering and organizing will be a proven pathway to hope, connection, self-care and healthy living. 


Where I am headed...

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