419 dog & cat paintings in 2 years


What if art could save a life? That sounds dramatic, but what if it could? What if art could bring together others that feel the same about life and its importance? What if it could build a community of life lovers with the goal of saving lives? I believe art can do many things, if not anything. Art is a powerful way to communicate, let’s find a way to make a difference.

With clear direction, intent and goals, I have a desire to find a way to do more than just make money with art. I am working on a project painting domestic dog and cat breeds. I know that these animals have changed, if not saved many lives. As a thank you to them, my goal is to paint approximately 347 dogs and 72 cats in 2 years. That is about 15 dog paintings and 3 cat paintings per month. This full journey will be posted exclusively on Patreon. If you want to be a part of the journey, please consider becoming a patron.

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