What happens when it rains on an oil painter painting en plein air?

Nothing but getting cooled off in this hot Florida weather.

I did put the lid on my mineral spirits to keep the rain water out of it.

The water beaded on my palette and on my painting. I found it fun and interesting. I had been wondering about that. I admit it didn't torrentially downpour but it was raining for about 10 minutes. I am now curious what it would be like if it was full on down-pouring... I guess that will have to be an experiment this summer. I have the hat for it and conveniently it has a plastic cover on it. I will have to get some rain boots and a raincoat for this new experiment.

I didn't try to dry my palette, however I did tap it on its side and let the rain roll off and packed it up wet. It didn't seem to do anything and was dry when I pulled it out the next day.