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The Frustrating Spin Cycle of an Impeller Washing Machine (washer without an agitator).

These Impeller (washer without an agitator) washing machines look promising, they look pretty, they are big inside. Sounds like it would be amazing, right?

Well, in my experience it's been frustrating. I've used more than one brand and they all seem to have the same problems. I thought that I could start a wash and let it just do its thing but then I found out that's not the case. It gets stuck on the spin cycle because it's unbalanced. Personally I don't like babysitting my washing machine. I like to start it and no approximately how long it takes to finish and come back at that time so I can switch it to the dryer, making the most of my time.

In the case that you purchased one of these washing machines and don't have a choice, I have found a work around when it spins and stops because it's off balance Pause the cycle if possible, take all the contents and center them in the middle, putting the most heaviest items on the bottom and so on to the lightest on the top. Then I unpause it to resume the cycle or turn it to rinse and spin and if it's happy with my work it will spin well and finally finish. Sometimes, unfortunately, I may have to repeat this step several times before it starts to spin happily.

I tried the whole re-situating the items around the outside and trying to balance them myself thinking that I knew what's best... I tried this method over and over and it rarely works. Centering the items has worked best for me.

If you have any tips or suggestions leave them in the comments.



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