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Organizing The Office & Paperwork

Before (below)

After (below)

I'm going to focus on paperwork and the desktop for this post. Choose broad filing categories that remind you of what is actually in there. For example, financial would have success of income, investments, Bank statements etc. Each item could be sub categories within that file. If you own your own business I would keep that in it's own category but near the financial since it does have to do with finances. Categories are typically a personal preference but don't over think it or create too many subcategories like I did in the beginning. I couldn't remember what went where so paperwork would pile up or get filled in the wrong category which made finding papers a nightmare. Bills is another category that may be broad. Bills could have car payment, electric bill, Internet bill, any monthly bills you pay, subscriptions etc. Business bills however would go into the business file because at the end of the year you want to just use that file to get tax info ready for your account (no digging necessary).

I have been using the cardboard standing files from IKEA.

My standing files (below)

They are great and sturdy enough for me to pack them full! I even use them for electrical cords and other miscellaneous categories.

Standing files with cords in them (below)

I then put this standing files backwards to make it look more pleasing to the eye.

The reason I prefer standing files is never they take up less space. Space is typical limited in the office and space savers are a must have. Standing files are also so much easier to use to use than a multi-step organizing system. I personally need organizing stands simple and easy to maintain. I'm a busy person and prefer organizing systems that compliment a busy lifestyle.

One other thing I want to address is the importance of a clean desk. It's inviting, it's relaxing and it supports focused work. I'd like to say my desk is always clutter free but I'm not perfect but I will say it usually is. Having a clean, clutter free desk encourages me to want to do desk work. Sitting down at my desk when it's clear and clutter free is a life changing experience. It feels so good, it compels me to continue to clean it off after each work day. The only things on the desk when I consider it clear is my 2 monitors, my keyboard and my rock mascot. That's it.



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