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Organizing a sewing room for easy access. No more digging!

I love to sew but I despise digging for items because it makes a mess of everything else. There are so many small sewing notions that I have found it better to organize where I can see what I'm looking for at a glance. I organized a clients sewing room and used the same concept. We purchased comic book boards which are just 6.75"x10. 5" cardboard sheets. We used these comic book boards to wrap the fabric around as if they were mini bolsters and stored them standing up. According to my clients preference we organized by size and kinds of fabric. We used colored pins as code for size.

In my opinion artsy hobbies need to be organized in a visually pleasing manner. I want to walk into a creative space and instantly feel inspired.

This sewing closet is pleasing to my eye and my client reported feeling giddy every time she walks into it as well as is able to locate what she's looking for with ease. Goal met!

The budget was surprisingly low. She had all the baskets and bins already. The only organizing elements that were purchased were the colored pins, comic book boards, and standing file bins. I had Talenti gelato containers on hand to use for the project. I admit I do enjoy upcycling, if possible. Especially when it has to do with eating more gelato. That's a great incentive on its own.

Here's the after photograph followed by the before and after images. Enjoy!



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