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Moving, I love it.

We will be moving and I'm excited about it. I will get to organize all the rooms and all the things in new ways in a different house. There will be challenges and difficulties but that's what I love the most. A good challenge.

I use an app called Room Planner to plan each room before we move. It has the ability to add furniture, appliances, structures, anything that typically would be find in a home or apartment. It even has pets to add to a room. It has a 3D & 2D view. You can navigate all around the room and look at it in all kinds of angles. You can create custom rooms, change the walls, add a second floor, add windows, doors etc and alter the dice of anything you've added so it is compatible with your particular needs. I love this app.

Using this app saves time, energy, and money. I use the free version so not all the measurements are exact but they are close enough to see if my ideas will work or not. Before are my plans. Let's see how accurate it turns out after we move in and get settled.

Our office plans 2D (below). My husband works from home and I own 3 businesses (I'm a professional organizer, residential cleaner and a working artist).

Our office in a 3D view (below).

Art studio 2D (below).

Living room 2D (below).

Living room 3D (below).

Kitchen dinette area (below).

I was worried our table wasn't going to fit and feel good in there. It's one thing to measure, it's another thing to see it in its place and realize it's too cramped. Judging from the app, I believe it will die just fine.... As long as I don't add the leaf extension. Haha.

Dinette in 3D view (below).



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