Me & My Routine for Daily Painting

Hi, it's me.

I wanted to post about my daily painting routine earlier but realized it wasn't as routine as I wanted it to be. I can be a bit of a perfectionist, my routine will never be perfect so I may as well just post about it anyhow.

What works best for me is if I get up early. I'm talking 5am. The kicker is I have to WANT to get to at 5am or it's just not going to happen. I tried half-heartedly at first and almost gave up on the whole idea. I then told myself to take myself and my career seriously and quit being lazy! I then forced myself to get up for a few days to see if I could manifest a genuine "want" and it was a success!! Hallelujah! I needed to see first hand and FEEL how great it was to get things accomplished early. It was amazing how much I could accomplish by starting my day early. By 1 pm I had already worked 8 hours (my ideal minimum for a work day). Typically I would continue to work till 4pm, sometimes later like 6pm or even 8pm. But here lies a problem, if I finish painting at 8pm, I have to make dinner, eat it, shower, and wind down for bed all in that magical hour to continue getting up at 5am with the proper amount of sleep-- not going to happen.

So if I were to get up at 5am I would need to go to bed by 9pm. If I were to go to bed at 9pm I would need to eat by 6 or 7pm (the Dr said to wait 2-3 hours after eating before laying down/going to sleep). If I were to eat by 6 or 7pm I would need to finish work by 4 or 5pm max. So technically I wouldn't need to get up at 5am if I only planned to work 8 hours. However, because I love my work, I don't mind working 10 or 12 hours 5 days a week, I'm off on the weekends. Painting actually recharges me and gives me energy, which is another reason I have to stop painting a few hours before bedtime as to wind down in order to fall asleep.

When painting the daily painting first thing in the morning I'm less judgemental, more motivated, more curious, more energetic and excited. The sense of accomplishment is a great feeling to lead into commissioned work, studio work and admin office work. If I daily paint first thing and schedule the post then the rest of my day feels easy. When I wait till last minute to paint something I'm restricted, pressured, frustrated, probably tired and even though I perk up when I start to paint I still wish I had painted earlier in the day.

There's one dilemma... Mazee. Our new adorable cat (possibly kitten). She was a rescue (found living under our house). She's absolutely gorgeous... but loves to play HARD and LOUD in the middle of the night and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. We have her segregated in our bedroom till we bring her to her 1st vet appointment to make sure all is well & to get her fixed. After that we will start to introduce her to Simon & Kitty. Due to Mazee disrupting my sleep, it's not possible to get up at 5am without being sleep deprived and cranky... So within the next 30 days we hope to be able to integrate the cats and have our bedroom back to ourselves. I can't wait.


The goal is by May 25, 2022, to get to bed by 9pm, happily bounce out of bed at 5am, paint the daily painting first (have a painting plan the night before if desired), work till 5pm at latest, wash, & repeat 7 days a week. On the weekends I'm "off" so I only need to complete the daily paintings and if I feel like it, I'll work more.


I used to work as a CNA in 2020 on a med/Surg/telemetry/Ortho infectious disease floor in a hospital, which was the busiest side of the busiest floor. I worked 12 hour shifts and slaved with usually 2 CNAs (including me) for 19 patients (sometimes we had a huc (a 3rd helper when needed & if they were available). 12 hours is a long day when doing exhausting work but invigorating when doing much loved work like painting. I figured if I worked hard enough there would be a great harvest eventually.

Please pardon any typos, I am human after all.

Thank you for reading. See you next update.