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I play clawhammer banjo (old-time music)

It's one of my hobbies. I started paying around 2011 and played relatively consistently till around 2019 ish. I stopped playing because I started playing old-time music on the cello. That was fun. I rented a cello from Miguel's Violin & Cello Shop in Jacksonville, FL. It's a great shop with excellent instruments. The owner basically has his luthier shop right there when you walk in, that experience alone is worth a visit. I returned my rental to focus on opening this organizing business. Now that it's open and running smoothly I decided to get a banjo. Recently I acquired a beautiful 1800's banjo from a very generous person (I don't know if they want me to name them, so I won't until otherwise). The banjo is an S. S. Stewart Special Thoroughbred and it's gorgeous!! It has nylgut strings (don't worry they aren't made of gut, but nylon close to the way gut used to sound, as I understand it.

Here are some photos of my new best friend, Oscar the Banjo.



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