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This blog will have past posts from my Patreon account, upcoming specials and ways to keep up with what is going on in my studio, however if you want early access to artwork for sale and other perks, please consider signing up for my Patreon account. It is part of a plan to paint my way across country and hit all the states (fly to Hawaii). I will be posting videos monthly and weekly about what my plans are for that week or month and what I am working on, time-lapse videos as well as voting privileges as well as other perks. Consider joining me even if it is for only 1 month (feel free to cancel anytime).

If you know me, you know I tried this before in 2012 but my van's transmission blew promptly ending my road trip early after only hitting 19 states. This time I have a better plan for a vehicle and a way to paint on location wherever I go. Notice my easel in the photo below. It is small but it works. It is a plein aire box with a quick release (it's attached to my tripod). I love it and I use it regularly when I am in my studio.

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