Daily Painting #79 - A grey tree with lost edges

I felt lost enough to paint something that looks lost. Photographing it was difficult as usual to get true colors in artificial light without a glare. Wet shiney paint is always a challenge to photograph.

At times I can paint a feeling before I know what I'm feeling and only after painting it, I say "ohhh that's what that feeling is!" It can be an interesting exercise, try it next time you're feeling... well, your not sure what you are feeling!? Quick! Draw or paint something! Let your intuition choose the colors, the shapes the subject or lack thereof. Post on my Facebook account if you want to share it. I would loooove to see the feelings. @darlenedeffesfineart

Materials used: Oil paint, odorless mineral spirits, Rosemary and Co brushes ultimate filbert #6, on a 9x12" canvas panel.