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I'm on a gentle journey to discover the mystery of self. I get distracted. Very distracted... but can hyperfocus too. Interesting combo. I like saturated colors, intense flavors, lots of brain stimulation like creating art and listening to books at the same time (I have to be doing something while listening to a book or I space 🚀 out). I'm trying to figure out if I'm neurodivergent, ADHD and/or other. I'm trying to figure out how it manifested? And when did it manifest? How do I manage it successfully without medication? What is the best route? I hope to discover some of these answers by reading multiple books.

I've had 2 different therapists ask me if I've ever been diagnosed with ADHD. No, I haven't. General anxiety disorder, yes, but I know there's more to it than that.

I'm listening to Driven To Distraction by Edward M. Hallowell and John J. Ratey. I'm learning what ADHD really is and what it is not. I have 5 more books I plan to read about ADHD. It's fascinating so far and explains a lot. Guess what? I'm not dumb! That's exciting. (I read slow and have a difficult retaining what I read). If I listen to an audiobook and clean a house, drive or create art I can retain it. If the reader is slow and thorough, I'll need to speed it up to pay better attention.



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