Daily Painting #8 - Egg On Toast

Updated: Mar 10

An egg on traditionally made sourdough toast to be exact. Did you know if you see a loaf of "sourdough" bread in the store and in the ingredients they list "yeast", it is not truly sourdough bread. Drop it and run! Ha ha.

I used oil paint on un-stretched canvas, 5"x7" with linseed oil as my main medium. I sketched it out with paint diluted with odorless mineral spirits.

Here in Jacksonville, Florida, the best place to get traditionally made sourdough bread is Community Loaves located in the neighborhood of Murray Hill. Seriously the best bread. I get the rosemary garlic loaf every week and have them slice it for me. My favorite breakfast is a piece of this sourdough bread, pan fried in a ton of butter till it is crispy on both sides and then cook an egg and place right on top. I will be honest, I usually cook both sides of the egg when I make breakfast but it's not as pretty to paint. So I cooked this one over medium and placed it on the toast.

Here is another weird tip. If you are flying on a plane somewhere and you're not interested in paying a ton of money for food at the airport, never mind standing in a long line, then make some butter saturated crispy toast and put it in a baggie. You don't even have to touch it, just wiggle it out and take a bit. No need for refrigeration either. I did that the last 2 times I flew and it was great.

Oh, and just one more thing. I am gluten free, uh, er sort of.... it is just a sensitivity but if I eat wheat (that is not made as traditional sourdough bread is made) it makes me very queasy.... yet, sourdough bread that has been made traditionally suits my insides just fine. It has to do with the 12-18 hour rise using the yeast from the air, it basically eats the gluten protein and digests it so I don't have to. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? Oh well, I don't care. I love sourdough bread and will continue to eat it.