Daily Painting #76 - Eye Study 1

Just peeking through. The eye shapes are so different but the slight angles can makes or break the likeness so easily. Close up studies will help me see and practice all the subtility of such features and one day hopefully master this technique. Till then, funny faces, silly close-ups and all the studying in between.

I'm really enjoying this study, even when the portrait looks nothing like me. I know each and every portrait I paint, I'm learning something about features, angles, paint, the light, brushes and many more things.

Materials used: Oil paint, odorless mineral spirits, Rosemary and Co brushes ultimate filbert #2, Eclipse pointed round #2/0 Escoda Optimo #0, Escoda Modernista Sentico rounded flat #2 and ivory riggor 2. Thank you for following, see you tomorrow!