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Repost - Daily Painting #70 Portrait Study 8 (from 2022)

Here is a post from when I was doing daily paintings. I made it to 80 something days.

It was fun and one day maybe I'll do it again. Some people that complete daily paintings are on day 400+. That is impressive, if you ask me. I'm keeping the original post which you can read below.

Hi, it's me, yet again. This portrait was fun and it looks like I'm looking directly at you! My human eyes are getting more believable, thank God! So now you know, this 16"x20" canvas is a medley of me practicing self-portraits over and over. Facial expressions are my one of my favorite challenges.

Materials used:

Oil paint, odorless mineral spirits, Rosemary and Co brushes ultimate filbert #4, #6, ultimate long flat #6, ivory dagger #2, Escoda Modernista sentico #2, 4 on a 16"x20" canvas.

Thank you for following, see you tomorrow!



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