Daily Painting #6 - Kiwis & Grapes

Updated: Mar 10

Grapes and Kiwi. This was a fun one. The fruit here is not abnormally huge, I have fiesta appetizer plates too, haha.

I used oil paint, and mainly linseed oil as my medium. I drew out everything with paint very diluted with odorless mineral spirits (OMS). Drawing out the plate first with the OMS first really helped me get the plate shape correct. Before I was trying to draw a circle with fruit in the way. If OMS is used to sketch out it dries quickly and is easily painted over. I painted just a little more loosely here. It is difficult to paint loose when I normally paint so tight. I especially like the colors in this painting, there is something soothing about it. The kiwis were very sweet smelling.

See you tomorrow.