Daily Painting #54 - Used Up

I carelessly pulled the last bit of paper off and realized I was staring at myself. Have you ever overworked yourself emotionally by using up all your brain power and then identified with an empty toilet paper roll? Haha. I did today. I was so moved by the scene that I felt compelled to paint it and share it with you. This particular overwhelm was the good kind. The kind that improves life. Yay!

I used oil paint, no medium, rosemary and Co. Paint brushes ultimate long flat #4, evergreen long filbert #2, evergreen short flat #0, and an Escoda Modernista Sintetico #2. I painted on a 9x12" hardboard panel primed with acrylic gesso.


I'm really loving the ultimate bristle paint brushes.

Today I prepped a bunch of hardboards with oil ground and also mounted canvas on 4 hardboards. It's my first time doing both of those things. I hope they come out well. I'll let you know in a couple weeks.

Thanks for following, see you tomorrow.