Daily Painting #5 - Citrus in a Vase

Updated: Mar 10

Feeling ambitious I put the citrus family in a vase. I had a blast with this one because it was very intimidating. Like I said, I really like challenges especially lofty unrealistic ones that seem completely out of reach. I guess I get sort of a high just trying to achieve the goal. I am high on life, haha. Seriously. I get so excited about things like this daily painting that I bounce off the walls the rest of the day.

I used un-stretched canvas from a pre-primed roll I have. I cut it down to 5"x7" and taped it to a board. It worked well, although I wasn't crazy about the tooth of the canvas. I think I may prefer an even smoother surface. I cut about 20 of these guys, so I would like to give them a good shot before switching the painting surface. I used oil paint with linseed oil as my main medium.

See you tomorrow.