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Creatively Destress - A Time-lapsed Mural Video & Photos

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Doing something creative always helps me destress.

A time-lapse video and before & after photos.





I am proud to present Brooke's mural. I estimated it would take approximately 3 days and I was correct. I worked from sun up to sun down. The very last day I put on the finishing touches as the sun set and unfortunately the last video stopped short. I had a lot of fun with this mural and had lots of visitors as I was painting. It was easy to stay on task because I truly enjoy painting and couldn't wait to see the final product, plus I love before and after photos, don't you!? Enjoy!

Materials used:

  • Sherwin Williams acrylic exterior satin paint

  • Purdy 4" and 3" flat brushes

  • Various other paint brushes including flats, rounds, tisch dagger

  • Gray primer

  • Brick Paver red Sherwin Williams satin

  • Many custom color mixes using red, yellow, blue, white, black and alizarin crimson

Music: Memories

Musician: LiQWYD




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