Daily Painting #43 - Mural (time-lapse video) and the before photo

Does this count as a daily painting? I sure hope it does, because I'm pooped! I did finish but failed to take a final photo due to my phone dying.

By Friday this week, it should be complete. It will be amazing. Check back to see the final product in all it's glory.

The chicken coop walls were very textured and the rollers just weren't getting into all the groves so I used a paint brush to get into the deeper areas (hense the stripping effect when painting the red). Had I used a thicker roller it probably would have worked much better but that is what the attendant suggested when I was purchasing paint. I then mixed a green using blue, yellow and a little brick paver red to desaturate it a bit. It was the perfect color. I also mixed a beautiful purple using blue, white and bright red. I will be post that image on Thursday or Friday when I get back over to Alachua, Florida.

Materials used:

  • Sherwin Williams acrylic exterior satin paint

  • Purdy 4" & 3" flat brush

  • 2 paint rollers

  • Gray primer

  • Brick Paver color of red (barn red)

  • The green & purple colors were custom mixed by moi

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Thank you for following. See you tomorrow!

Music: Sweet Dreams Musician: BatchBug URL: https://soundcloud.com/batchbug/ License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/