Daily Painting #33 - Mason Jar

Updated: Mar 9

Mason jars... smooth, clear, classic.

They're good for drinking glasses (collect them from spaghetti nights, Classico brand). Because they have measurements on the sides 4, 8, 12 , and 16oz I can keep track of how much water I drink during

the day. I also use them for storage, their kids fit quite snuggly, clear so I can see what it is, and those lovely measurements on the side. I write the exp date on the bottom with a sharpie, which comes off with soap).

I used oil paint, odorless mineral spirits, painters panel and Escoda Modernista brushes. If you like my content, feel free to join my newsletter for monthly email specials, upcoming events and new paintings. Cancel anytime.

#33 was an interesting birthday, I got pied in the face 35 times in Avondale. That story is for another time.

Thank you for following. See you tomorrow!