Daily Painting #28 - Avocado Daydream

Did you know that an allergy to avocado is quite rare? That's what my allergist told me when we confirmed I'm one of the unfortunate ones. Avocado toast with minced raw garlic on top was among my favorite breakfasts. Avocado Alfredo was excellent and good for you too. I did get my fill of avocado though. I worked at a tex-mex restaurant for about 11 years and ate about 8+ oz a day for approximately 7 of those years. Moderation? I'm not sure what that means when it comes to delicious foods.

I was honestly a little freaked out cutting and handling this avocado, and oddly enough, I actually thought about taking a bite but don't worry it was more of a daydream than anything else.

I chose pink because a certain shade of pink next to a certain shade of green energizes me. These two colors happen to be the perfect shades of each.

I used oil paint, odorless mineral spirits, painters panel and Escoda Modernista brushes. Join my newsletter for a monthly email update and access to new paintings.

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