Daily painting #20 - Kingsley plantation plein air painting

This was a first time visit to the Kingsley Plantation in Jacksonville, Florida. I joined the First Coast Plein Air Painters Organization and this was the first paint out I attended. There were interesting old buildings and beautiful trees everywhere. I, of course, flocked to the trees with the most personality that spoke to me, however, I will definitely be going back. There was a beach, a marsh, more breathtaking trees etc. I was going to paint a palm tree into this painting but I ended up being more interested in the distant trees in the background. This photograph does not do it justice. It is difficult to photograph very wet paintings on unstretched canvas. I will be photographing it again to try to get the true colors.

I used oil paint, linseed oil and odorless mineral spirits as my mediums, unstretched canvas, and Escoda Modernista paint brushes.

Thank you for viewing! See you tomorrow!