Daily Painting #1 - Pear & The Products I Use To Paint

Updated: Mar 9

I wanted to start with a pretty pear but then things didn't pan out till about a week later but I was determined to paint this pear even if it was looking a little rough. I didn't want to leave it out, so I painted it.

If you want to try this too I have listed some of what I used. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them.

Still Life

Still life suggestions welcome. Still life is anything that won't move. So the pear, a coke can, a glass with water in it, a flower etc.


I used oil paint, Gamblin Odorless Mineral Spirits with a medium called Liquin by Winsor & Newton. It makes the paint dry to touch in about 30 hours which is great, especially if I am working on a commission that I want to start and finish in less then 6 months. However. Liquin has an awful chemical smell that burns my nose. I much prefer to use linseed oil as a medium, but the "problem" is linseed oil takes about 3 weeks to be dry to touch. For this challenge I can use whatever I want to use and will be trying out other mediums just to see if I like them more or less and then report on them. For the odorless mineral spirits I use a Da Vinci air tight brush washer tin can. It was about $30. I made a grave mistake and purchased one from Michael's with a coupon and it was maybe $20 before the coupon. The inside part with the holes were rough and ripped off many hairs on my Escoda brushes and almost ruined them completely. DON'T make this mistake. Invest in your products. The Da Vinci brush washer has smooth holes and hasn't ripped off any hairs. It is for sale at Jerry's Artorama.


I have a lot of mix matched brands of paint currently. I am working towards just using Gamblin because I have heard so many good things about that company. Some of the brands I used on this painting and regularly are: Gamblin, Windsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney Georgian, Academy, Utrecht, Rembrandt and Bob Ross paint.

Painting Surface

I used 5"x7" piece of linen paper by Strathmore (9"x12" pack of linen paper and cut it down to size). It is ok. I am not sure what I prefer yet. I am trying out different things as I continue with this challenge.

Paint Brushes

I am very please with Escoda Modernista paint brushes. They are a synthetic version of mongoose hair. It fooled me. I didn't think it was synthetic until I looked it up. One day I hope to purchase some brushes from Rosemary & Co. Till then... these will do just fine.

I clean my brushes with first some oderless mineral spirits and then I dip them into Safflower oil. Safflower oil takes maybe 3+ weeks to dry. If I am painting everyday then they shouldn't ever dry completely and that is the point. I read in a blog somewhere (I will find it and share it when I find it again) that you shouldn't let your oil paint brushes every dry, keeping then oily and "wet" will ensure them to never fro out (bristles frayed). I started this halfway through my current brushes lives so I am not sure if this is true. Although It seems to be fine so far. Just make sure if you don't plan to use a certain brush for a long time, clean it with Master's that way you don't risk forgetting about it for several months and possibly ruining it (like I have done to a few brushes). But wait, I just read that you can clean even paint hardened brushes with Murphy's oil floor cleaner. Just soak them for 24 hours (just the tips-not the metal part if possible).


I documented it with my cell phone, which is a Google Pixel 5. It takes great photos although only 72 DPI as with most phones. Once they finish drying I plan to use my flatbed scanner to scan them in at 1,200DPI. For posting purposes, nothing more than what the phone can provide is needed.

Future posts

I hope to post earlier than I did today. I am thinking 10 am is a good time. What do you think? Earlier? Later? Comment any suggestions. I am open to hear what you think.

I was trying not to make this post too long... oops. See you tomorrow.