Cumberland Island - St Marys, Georgia

These are some images that give me inspiration. My husband and I visited Cumberland Island this week for our 3 year wedding anniversary. Neither one of us had ever visited the island before and I purposefully didn't look up any photos because I wanted to be surprised with fresh eyes. It was absolutely breathtaking. You can camp there too for up to a week so the park ranger said. The only way on the island is on a ferry. These photos don't do the island justice. There are wild horses and I fell in love with all the gorgeous trees and a beautiful marsh. I hope to get back and paint en plein air to try to possibly capture the ethereal essence of all these trees. If you didn't know, I absolutely love trees, and identify with certain aspects of them. That explanation is for another post.

Interesting thing was Thomas Carnegie and his wife Lucy Coleman lived there at one point. I just listened to the audiobook Andrew Carnegie and the Gospel of Wealth. Thomas Carnegie is Andrews little brother and Lucy married Andrews friend/business partner's daughter. Such a small world. It was a great book. I highly recommend it, by the way.