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Categorize To Find What You're Looking For

Here is an example of how categorizing helps with organizing. When you categorize first and then organize you put everything in that category in the same place. When you look for your item you know exactly where to look because it's only in that one place. In my previous days prior to categorizing and organizing I would strategically place certain items that I used a lot around the house. I thought that it would be more efficient. However, it didn't seem to be very efficient in the long run because I had three places to look for the item sometimes it wouldn't be in one of the places or it wouldn't be in two of the places and if I was really lucky it wouldn't be in three of the places and I would go on a massive home search until I found the item or in some unfortunate cases I would have to purchase another. Now, because I have categorized my items and then organized them accordingly, each item has a specific home and it feels like there is a strong magnet pulling it towards its home when I'm finished with an item, as if the task is not complete until I return it to its home.

In the picture above I have not only categorized but I've labeled as well and because the labels match each other and the color is the same it has a more uniform yet pretty look.

In this bathroom there is limited counter space. There is a wood plank installed on top of the back of the toilet. It is sitting on a grip liner to help keep it in place. The heaviest items are sitting in the center which keeps it secure and the right side is pressed against the side of the sink. This is a great way to space-save and have a unique look in the bathroom. Make sure whatever would plank you use, that it has some weight to it. The heavier the more secure it is. Also make sure the wood plank is narrow enough for the toilet seat to sit properly.



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