Painting my way to a life-long goal

A Patreon project

Hello, my name is Darlene Deffes. I am inspired by living things especially animals, nature and anything that moves me deep in my soul. I enjoy a good challenge and I am goal oriented.

Patreon Road Trip Goal
In 2 years, I plan to paint (or draw) my way across country, visiting each of the 49 states (Hawaii will be at the end). I will be painting at least 1 plein aire painting in each state, as well as booking murals, portraits, taking requests etc.

The world is beautiful, and I would love to see it. I know the United States is a small percentage of the world, but I have to start somewhere. A cross country road trip has been a long-time dream of mine, my first attempt was in 2012 but I had transmission trouble and only made it to about 19 states. This time will be a success however, I want to do more than just meet this goal, I would like to exceed it and make it about you too. Follow my journey by becoming a patron and I will see you on the road!
Projected cross country departure date June 2023

Tier Perks
Exclusive monthly coupons, monthly mystery gifts, tons of photos and videos, and weekly updates with my art schedule, monthly plans and many other perks depending on which tier you choose. Please see the Tier page for more information and don't forget to visit the goal page for the bonus perks as I reach each monthly goal.