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Welcome to my Financial Coaching practice.

Financial coaching method & why I use this method

I use Dave Ramsey's 7 baby steps for financial coaching because my husband and I tried it and it completely changed and improved our finances, our marriage and our life. We are hooked and have first hand knowledge of what it was like living paycheck to paycheck and struggling with money. We also have first hand experience of what it took to change what we were doing by becoming open to adopting new concepts and learning to be patient.


Our financial success story

In December 2022 my husband and I read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book and decided we didn’t have anything to lose if we tried out his 7 baby steps. We put ourselves on a budget using the Every Dollar app. We were able to pay off all our credit cards, loans and credit lines by February 2023. We did this by slimming down our spending, getting rid of over 15 subscriptions and selling things around the house we didn’t need. These changes felt like a big sacrifice at first but after a few months we started to see it as if we were fighting for ourselves and our marriage. We were sick of being broke, living paycheck to paycheck, fighting about money and being a slave to our impulsive spending habits.


In our first year doing Dave Ramsey’s baby steps we found $31,600 extra in our budget. We were shocked and dumbfounded. The majority of that money went towards cash flowing medical bills which elongated the time it took us to save up for our fully funded emergency fund (6 months of our monthly expenses). It took us 14 months, but we got there, nonetheless. We celebrated our milestone.


To keep our momentum going for our next goal, I devised a 20-month house down payment savings plan. I am the number crunching nerd and enjoy these kinds of activities. I made a cute house savings chart with the chimney as a bar graph to help track our progress and visually motivate us. We brainstormed ideas to increase our income. One idea was to become a one car family. We tested it out for a month and found that there weren’t too many scheduling conflicts and the ones we did have we were able to effectively communicate and work them out. We sold our second car and are still happy with our decision.


This whole process so far has not only helped us learn how to budget and stick to the budget, but it also helped us see our money spending patterns, address our money spending behaviors, by showing us where our weaknesses were with communication and impulsivity. This process has brought us closer together as husband and wife, making our marriage stronger and now that we are on the same page about money, we can talk about it without it turning into a fight. That’s pretty exciting because that was not the case prior to starting Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps.


I work with both married couples and singles


One of the leading causes of divorce in America are money fights and money problems. I will guide you and your spouse to get on the same page with each other with better communication, work towards your specific goals, find financial freedom, feel financial peace, and enjoy a stronger marriage.


Being single can be difficult because you’re one person with one income trying to get ahead. You don't have a live in cheerleader or accountability partner which may make things seem more daunting. I will be your cheerleader, accountability partner, and guide.


  • Certified Financial Master Coach

  • I bring first hand experience and knowledge. My husband and I are currently working through the 7 baby steps.

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