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My Process

Discarding is not my focus, weird, I know, especially for someone that offers professional decluttering services. My focus is actually on self-care and decision making. The more items you have the more decisions you get to make, so don't declutter before I come over. I base how to declutter veered towards the emotional side rather than the logical side. If you read my "Who am I?" page you will see I am the queen of the "What-if's". The What-if's are a sure way to keep everything in the world, justify it and accept additional items that others give away for free. 


I see my home items as an extension of myself. I see these items everyday, they are a part of my life. If they are a burden or remind me of failures or trigger shame, I don't want them around. When I surround myself with items I love, in an orderly way, I feel less stress.


Just think about walking into a grocery store, the neat organized shelves. Man, there are a lot of items on those shelves but because they are all faced in one direction and are organized, the grocery store doesn't feel cluttered. When a grocery store cares for the way the items look on their shelves it says something, it says they are taking care of their business.


When I care for my items, I am also caring for myself. If I am regularly neglecting my home or tasks in my home, what else am I neglecting? I am neglecting myself. That is why I believe it is important to address our home items and take care of the ones we want and eventually it will manifest into other areas of our lives, like our self-care routines.


I feel strongly about this method because it worked on me. If it worked on (What-if Queen) me, it will probably work on anyone (in my opinion). I alter my method slightly depending on the client and their needs but the core remains the same.

If you are ready for a change, tired of losing items or not finding what you need, or noticing yourself neglecting your home and/or it's items... read on.

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Value & Payments

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I take a deposit of $45 for a 30 minute walk-through consultation.

After we complete the walk-through consultation, you may use the $45 deposit towards your first decluttering/organizing appointment which must be booked in person during the consultation. 


During the consultation I will walk through your home, open drawers, cabinets, closets and similar to see what we will be working with, this will help me estimate how many sessions it will take to work through your home or specific space(s). I will send you a questionnaire prior to coming to your home. Please have it filled out and ready for me. I will base some of my questions off of your answers to get to know your space, vision and challenges.


Hourly   $100

Sessions $375 for 4 hours


Some of you may not have a large budget for decluttering/organizing, that is totally understandable. Neglecting the home sometimes spills into finances. If you are in this predicament, I have a solution, we can do one hour of focused instruction and work and then you will continue it alone. You will have to do a lot of homework to keep up with. If you think you can do this, book your consultation with me and we set up a plan according to your needs. 

I use Squareup which takes credit cards, debit cards or ACH payments. I will send an invoice that must be paid prior to the walk-through consultation. 

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