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I find purpose when I create meaningful commissioned artwork. Anything from a healing journey to positive affirmations to healing body or organ artwork. The right artwork on your walls can promote healing, peace and help destress. These are my opinions based on my personal experience.  

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Jamie Deffes

I have two paintings by Darlene Deffes. The first piece is a custom portrait of our beloved dog. Darlene was able to perfectly capture our dog's facial expression, body language, and color in great detail. This amazing, vivid, life-like painting of our sweet canine companion left my husband speechless. We are so thankful to Darlene for the gift of keeping our dog's memory alive long after he is gone. 

The second piece is a large abstract painting of a beautiful ocean wave and colorful skies. The blues and greens, texture, and brush strokes of the wave creates a sense of movement which contrasts with the serene pinks and purples of the skies. I can hear the wave as it begins to crash and feel the peace of the radiant skies. When I look at this painting, I'm reminded of balance and how energy and peace have equal power. I'm so impressed with Darlene's talent and her ability to open my mind to new ways of seeing the world through her art. 

Lisa Marousky

I fell in love with one of Darlene's paintings. Unfortunately, the size of the piece would not work in my house. Darlene told me that she could customize the artwork to my specifications. Throughout the whole process, from determining the size of the painting and ultimately the delivery of the artwork, Darlene was fantastic to work with. She gave helpful suggestions to assist me in determining the right size of the artwork. Once I chose the dimensions, Darlene provided an estimate promptly. After the contract was signed, Darlene completed artwork and finished well before the estimated delivery date. Darlene was absolutely wonderful to work with and the artwork she delivered to me is amazing and exactly what I wanted. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the experience working with Darlene was!

Brooke Lucas

I love my Muto (Darlene Deffes maiden name) art. It puts a smile on my face everyday. The happy colors and whimsical feel bring such a happy vibe to our barn and home.

Gail Bradstreet

The abstract painting Darlene did for my living-room is beautiful.

Matt Shelar

I commissioned a piece from Darlene a few years ago, she truly understood what I wanted and delivered a wonderful piece of art that I still cherish to this day

Carrie Carter

Darlene is an incredibly talented artist. The way she uses color and whimsy in her work generates a type of positive energy that emanates from her pieces. I cannot wait to see what she produces next.

Cathleena Mountcastle

Darlene is an amazing artist! I’ve watched her blossom and cultivate her skills over the course of at least a decade. She has grown to become a successful & wonderful artist. I’ve known her for over 20 years and she is a great person! She will work with you diligently and patiently throughout the artistic process. The portrait she painted of our recently deceased beloved furry friend actually made my husband cry on Christmas day. We will cherish that Painting for the rest of our lives. I would definitely recommend this professional artist to anyone that wants to learn how to paint or just needs a portrait of their furry friend, or a gift for someone else!

Karen labarbera

I wanted something for my dining room. I found Darlene's owl paintings and asked for 3 of them, all different. What could have been more cuter, colorful and perfect.

Celia Muto

Incredible attention to detail on my order with Darlene Deffes Art. The packaging was well done with vibrant tissue paper. These are well made quality cards. Darlene’s art is unique, beautiful and never ceases to bring a big smile to my face.

Lydia E. Manns

Working with Darlene was an absolute joy! We have been friends for years and I have some small pieces of her work. It was wonderful discussing a very personal piece. It is more beautiful than I even imagined. I chose Darlene to create the art that my first, and only, tattoo will be based on. It will have such a special meaning having been inspired by my daughters and created by my friend. She even has encouraged me to sketch. If you choose to have art in your life, and you should, you should choose Darlene as your artist.

Elizabeth McCaddy

Darlene’s artwork is great! I a couple of her paintings and she painted a mural in my daughter’s room. She cares about her work. She puts a lot detail into her work.

Elaina Leonard

I’ve known Darlene for about 28 years and art has always been her passion! She is very meticulous with her pieces! I ordered the Christmas cards this year and was not disappointed!

Logan Kipp

I reached out to Darlene to see if she would be willing to make a watercolor of the house where I grew up as a gift for my parents around Christmas. It was going to be our last Christmas in the family house together before they moved. From a poor quality photograph, she was able to make a beautiful gift that my parents will always remember. Her ability to make the house look so bright and realistic from a very basic photo was amazing. Her responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to work with me even during the busy holidays and make it all come together on time made the process enjoyable for me as well!

Doug Axtell

Darlene painted a commissioned work that I requested as gift for my wife. She did a great job and the gift was exactly as I requested. I highly recommend working with Darlene

Kathryn Barnes

I bought these beautifully created and produced Owl cards after Christmas because I really wanted to write Happy New Year notes to loved ones. The Owl creations are majestic and emote such a range of sentiment. They are produced on quality “touchable” stock and the order and delivery process was easy and timely.

Bonnie Lyman 

I love Darlene Deffes 🎨 art work. I own a few of her pieces in my home. She has eloquently grown as an artist over the years. I have recommended her to some close friends who have acquired some of her art pieces for their own homes. I always look forward to seeing her new creations and I am loving the cards she has developed for special occasions.

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