I am happy to create custom artwork for you. I can work with you or your interior designer, architect or art consultant. At this time, I accept commissions on a limited basis, depending on my work load and existing deadlines.


Jamie Deffes

I have two paintings by Darlene Deffes. The first piece is a custom portrait of our beloved dog. Darlene was able to perfectly capture our dog's facial expression, body language, and color in great detail. This amazing, vivid, life-like painting of our sweet canine companion left my husband speechless. We are so thankful to Darlene for the gift of keeping our dog's memory alive long after he is gone. 

The second piece is a large abstract painting of a beautiful ocean wave and colorful skies. The blues and greens, texture, and brush strokes of the wave creates a sense of movement which contrasts with the serene pinks and purples of the skies. I can hear the wave as it begins to crash and feel the peace of the radiant skies. When I look at this painting, I'm reminded of balance and how energy and peace have equal power. I'm so impressed with Darlene's talent and her ability to open my mind to new ways of seeing the world through her art. 

Lisa Marousky

I fell in love with one of Darlene's paintings. Unfortunately, the size of the piece would not work in my house. Darlene told me that she could customize the artwork to my specifications. Throughout the whole process, from determining the size of the painting and ultimately the delivery of the artwork, Darlene was fantastic to work with. She gave helpful suggestions to assist me in determining the right size of the artwork. Once I chose the dimensions, Darlene provided an estimate promptly. After the contract was signed, Darlene completed artwork and finished well before the estimated delivery date. Darlene was absolutely wonderful to work with and the artwork she delivered to me is amazing and exactly what I wanted. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the experience working with Darlene was!

Brooke Lucas

I love my Muto (Darlene Deffes maiden name) art. It puts a smile on my face everyday. The happy colors and whimsical feel bring such a happy vibe to our barn and home.

Gail Bradstreet

The abstract painting Darlene did for my living-room is beautiful.

Matt Shelar

I commissioned a piece from Darlene a few years ago, she truly understood what I wanted and delivered a wonderful piece of art that I still cherish to this day

Carrie Carter

Darlene is an incredibly talented artist. The way she uses color and whimsy in her work generates a type of positive energy that emanates from her pieces. I cannot wait to see what she produces next.

Commission Inquiry

Commission Details

Completion Time

Commissions usually take between 6-12 weeks, depending on the size, complexity of design, and current workload. If you are working with a specific deadline, please let me know prior to beginning the project so we can determine whether my current studio workload can accommodate your needs.


The specific "completion date" will be determined once all parties agree on the size, overall design, a deposit has been secured, and materials have been delivered (if applicable).

Please be advised that after you are shown a completed photo, and you agree that the piece is finished, there will be a two to three day waiting time for the piece to be professionally photographed, and if using oil paint, had time to completely cure/dry before it can be packaged and shipped.

Shipping times will vary based on size, weight, and specific needs. Your needs will be discussed in advance in order not to delay your receipt of final artwork. 

The "completion date" is NOT delivery or install date. The "completion date" is the date I submit an emailed photo of the artwork for you to approve. 

The estimated "completion date" is contingent upon good communication, and whether revisions are required.

Custom Size

If you would like a special (non-standard) size, I am more than happy to accommodate your request.

Please note, it can take up to an additional 2 weeks longer to accommodate the construction of a custom frame (ordering materials, labor, etc.)


I will keep you informed of progress (via emailed photos) of the work throughout the process to make sure we are in agreement that the work meets the agreed upon parameters established in the beginning of the commission inquiry. Prior to the "completion date", I will submit a photo of the completed work for your approval. I allow up to two minor revisions to what I consider the "final painting" before shipment or delivery. For more complex alterations or revisions a fee of  $100 is implemented and increases as complexity increases and/or the size of the area to be altered increases. An alteration or revision agreement will go into effect when the payment has been made (since in most cases the contract has already been signed).


A 50% non-refundable deposit is due prior to beginning the commission and secures your spot on my commission calendar. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the commission and prior to shipping or delivery. 


I make every effort to create artwork that meets the client's expectations. In the event that you are not satisfied with the final product, please communicate your concerns and we will do everything possible to meet your expectations.


The client or project manager is responsible for all shipping costs associated with the safe delivery of the piece (including handling, materials, and insurance) which can be pricy depending size and if it needs to be freight shipped. I can provide you with an approximate ground shipping quote before we begin the project. 


All my work is original and no two paintings are exactly alike. I cannot copy my past work however I can make something similar but not close enough to devalue my previous work. If you are drawn to some of my past work, please tell me the specific elements that catch your attention. 


I will make every effort to respond and communicate in a timely manner to honor the intentions of the agreement. 


My work is priced using a formula which factors in the dimensions of the work, the availability and costliness of materials to be used, the labor, and my years of expertise. There is an additional fee if the piece if there is a "rush" request (i.e. needed in less than 12 weeks).


To successfully create your commissioned artwork, we must communicate well. 

A standard "Art Commission Agreement" is required to specify all details of the project: contact information, right of refusal, copyright, payment, schedule balance, shipping, delivery, etc.

Any fabric swatches, photos, or paint samples must be provided before I can start the work on the commission.

For portraits, I require either a hardcopy of an image that is big enough to see the small details or a digital image that is a large enough file to zoom in for the details. Photos using a flash, low light, high contrast, etc are generally not suitable for creating a successful portrait. The photographs used must be owned by the client wishing to work with me, not copyrighted to someone else or to a company. 

This written agreement protects both of our interests and ensures that both parties understand what is expected of each other. 

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