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My Gentle Journey
A blog about life, living, healing and learning.


Above is Darlene in Tucson, AZ about to learn a lesson in curiosity... saved just in time by her mom.

There are 2 different blogs on this page:

The Gently Living blog has posts on various subjects, for example, books, recipes, exercises, finances, business & how I practice being gentle with myself daily and redirect when I fall off my self-care wagon. Self-care is more important than I ever imagined. 


The Gentle Decluttering & Organizing blog has tips, tutorials, DIYs, upcycling, my experiences that got me here in the first place, why I am ecstatic about decluttering, how it changed my life drastically and many more subjects.  

Feel free to leave a comment or a suggestion of what you would like to see in the future.   

A little about our family

We, my husband, and I have 3 cats that will probably make their presence known in some of the content. Simon (10) is our orange tabby that is in diabetic remission and in a boot-camp I created for him, Kiddy (15) is our black long hair that looks grumpy most of the time and Mazee (1) is our newest member, a calico with one orange tabby leg and one gray and black tabby leg. She plays rough with her tail regularly, it's the cutest.

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