Darlene Deffes

Artist’s Statement:


I have spent my entire life thus far exploring life, art, thought, imagination and emotion. As I have matured as an artist, I put more thought and emotion into my pieces by my use of color and brush strokes. From exaggerated, whimsical, colorful paintings to meticulously detailed portraits, I draw my inspiration from nature and the Animal Kingdom.




Darlene Deffes was born in Tucson, Arizona, and spent her early life in New England and later moved to Florida. Her family cultivated her curiosity and creativity from a young age. She worked in many mediums until painting captured her soul. Although mostly self-taught, Darlene took a few drawing classes and one painting class to chase her interest in the arts. She currently works in various mediums, primarily acrylic, oil and watercolor.


Today, she is a full-time artist pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, later pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She plans to use these two passions in order to help others heal emotionally. 

Darlene is married to Timothy Deffes and has one dog, Misty and three cats: Kitty, Simon and Vanilla Ice. Their happy family currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Darlene paints full time and teaches painting lessons online.


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