Darlene Deffes

Artist’s Statement:


I believe art is a journey of introspection. I can choose whether life is an adventure, or a disaster and this perspective will influence my art. Life is important to me and because we are not promised tomorrow, I feel an importance to make deliberate decisions with my subject matter, with my intent and with my goals.  My artistic goal is to find strength through self expression and connect with others along the way.




Darlene Deffes was born in Tucson, Arizona, and spent her early life in New England and later moved to Florida. Her family cultivated her curiosity and creativity from a young age. She worked in many mediums until painting captured her soul. Although mostly self-taught, Darlene took a few drawing classes and one painting class to chase her interest in the arts. She currently works in various mediums, primarily oil paint and graphite.


Today Darlene is married to Timothy Deffes and has one dog, Misty and two cats: Kitty and Simon. Their happy family currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. Darlene is a full time artist.