Born in Tucson, AZ Darlene Deffes started exploring art at a young age, trying different mediums to express herself. Later in adulthood, she took an oil painting class and was immediately hooked for life. Today she stays busy with commissioned work, paints en plein air and has a daily painting blog

Tropical Leaves

Artist Statement

Trees intrigue me. The branches are my decisions, they are reaching up towards the light, trying to find happiness and comfort. The hollow is my history, my pain, my trauma. The roots are my foundation, my techniques, my beliefs, my vision. The leaves, fruit and flowers are my inspiration, my curiosity, my excitement, my hope. I carefully choose certain trees as my models due to an emotional connection to the color or physical nature of it. 


Where childhood meets trauma there are no words for articulating what happened. Since we are too young to understand, we are forced to communicate in other means. Art has given me a voice, where words have failed me. I am exactly who I want to be today, history in tow and I wouldn't change a thing, even if I could. My vision is to be part of something bigger than me, something where I can inspire hope in others who feel defeated.