Painting my way to a life-long goal

Lola - American Staffordshire Terrier

Hello, my name is Darlene Deffes, I am inspired by living things especially animals and nature. I love a good challenge and thankfully, I am very goal oriented. Over the next 2 years I hope to gain enough patrons on my Patreon account to reach my max goal and make a trip around the United States and hitting all 49 states (even fly to Hawaii). 


A cross country road trip has been a long time dream of mine but I want to do more than just meet my goal. I would like to exceed it and make it about you too, by painting my way across country. 

I will be updating my tiers with monthly and weekly updates with early access to new artwork. 


Follow my journey by becoming a patron and I will see you on the road! Projected cross country departure date June 1, 2023