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Wooden Board
Wooden Board

I feel purpose when creating artwork that tells a story of healing and growth. 

Click here to go to my Commissioned Art page to read reviews, learn more or contact me. 


Life is a journey. I have had many challenges and still do. Each day I am faced with new decisions. I am not alone, this is true for everyone. Decluttering our lives sets us up for success, in a way it helps with organizing our thoughts and dreams.

During the process of decluttering our homes we become aware of things like financial routines, self-care, diets, exercise regimens, habits, hobbies and many more aspects. Once the home is decluttered and organized it is then that we have enough momentum to to look around for other areas of our lives to improve, however you may already notice your life improving. That is the power of self-care because when we take care of our surroundings, we take care of ourselves. 

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